Union Los Angeles Members

Union Los Angeles Members – FAQ

What is Union Los Angeles Members?

Union Los Angeles Members is a way to show appreciation to Union shoppers by providing early access, exclusive discounts, experiences, and opportunities to connect with the Union team.

Who is eligible for Union Los Angeles Members?

All customers who meet a spending threshold can become a member. A Union account is necessary to join.

How do I become a Union Los Angeles Member?

Once you create a Union account, you are enrolled in a tier based on your spending history linked to that email address in the past 365 days.

Where can I create a Union account?

You can create a Union account on our website unionlosangeles.com, or by following the link here. We recommend using the email address previously used to place orders.

Can I merge two email addresses into one account?

No. We recommend using only one email address at checkout.

What if I already have a Union account?

If you already have a Union account, you are automatically enrolled.

What is the spending threshold to be a member?

The spending threshold starts at $500 during a rolling calendar year, 365 days.

Will my lifetime purchase history be accounted for?

No. Your total dollar spent in the past 365 days will allow you to qualify. This includes taxes and shipping.

What if I shop online and in-store? Are these sales combined?

Yes. As long as you checkout with the same email address online and in-store, your purchases will be combined.

Do I need to be logged into my account for my purchase to qualify?

No. As long as you checkout online or in-store with the email address associated with your account, your purchase will be added to your status.

Can my access to Union Los Angeles Members be denied or revoked?

We reserve the right to make exceptions and remove status at our sole discretion including but not limited to suspicious activity, bot activity, fraud, or chargebacks.

Union Los Angeles Members – Tier System

How do I qualify for a tier?

Tiers are calculated per dollar, $1 spent online or in-person at our Los Angeles store. This is based on the US dollar amount, and includes taxes and shipping costs.

How do my store purchases affect my tier?

The email address associated with your account must be provided at checkout in order for the purchase to be included in your account purchase history.

Where can I view what tier I am on?

You can view your tier and total purchase history by logging into your account on unionlosangeles.com.

When does the amount I spend get added to a tier?

Tier level is immediately affected and updated daily as you place orders or make purchases in-store, and removed as you generate refunds in returns.

How am I added into a tier?

If you qualify, your total spending history in the past 365 days will place you in one of three tiers.

What are the Union Los Angeles Membership tiers?

Silver – $500-$1,000 (you have spent between $500 and $1,000 in the past year) Gold – $1,000-$2,500 (you have spent between $1,000 and $2,500 in the past year) Platinum – $2,500+ (you have spent over $2,500 in the past year)

What kind of benefits do I access with my tier?


How will I be notified of flash discounts, early access, or invitations to events?

You will be contacted via the email address linked to your account. We recommend checking that any of our promotional emails aren’t being filtered to spam.

How frequently will I receive benefit emails?

Early access and invitations will vary, but you can expect 1-2 emails a month regarding benefits.

What is the Union Souvenir line?

The Union Souvenir line is an exclusive seasonal collection that can only be purchased in-store at our Los Angeles location.

How do I shop the Union Souvenir line?

You will be able to shop the Union Souvenir line collection directly from our website. You will have to be logged into your account in order to be granted access to the collection.

How do I initiate expedited shipping?

If eligible, your order will automatically be upgraded to next-day-air despite the shipping method selected at checkout.

How do I initiate free shipping & returns?

You must be logged into your account to activate your free shipping. For free returns, you will need to initiate your return as usual in order to receive a prepaid shipping label.

Where can I contact Union with questions about Union Los Angeles Members?

Please contact members@unionlosangeles.com with any questions or concerns regarding membership.