Dickies Construct

Our very own Chris Gibbs and Dickies join forces for a new line of elevated workwear. Dickies Construct is the result of the joint effort with plenty of Gibbs' personal style bleeding into the new label. Very much like our private-label, Dickies Construct boasts a selection of versatile, appealingly understated wardrobe staples, upgraded with soft pastel tones and contemporary cuts.

"During middle school is where I first became “self aware” for lack of a better term of my own personal style.  Before that I had to wear what ever my parents gave me to wear.  But during seventh grade I finally started to develop my own tastes and like in music, art, film and of coarse fashion.  And one of my first/favorite brands was Dickies.  Fast forward to today and I still wear Dickies almost everyday.  So when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with them earlier this year, I jumped at the chance.  That collaboration lead to an even bigger opportunity, which was to consult for the Construct line.  

Construct is a sub line under the Dickies Umbrella aimed at offering a more contemporary take on the vintage workwear esthetic.  The idea here is to keep the original Dickies DNA but offer it in a more contemporary version.  Maybe using different fabrics, or colors?  Or even by adjusting the fits or adding newer detail, sometimes more fashion directed, others more utilitarian.  All in an effort to breath new life into Dickies." -Chris Gibbs