Dennis Kane: Transmission Mix


Dennis Kane: Transmission Mix - Exclusive for Union

On the Occasion of receiving this great mix we sat down for a chat with our old pal Dennis “Citizen” Kane to catch up – talk about music and culture and see where he is at these days.

CG: Yo DK you there? 

DK: Present

CG: How you livin’ ?

DK: Like a turkey on Thanksgiving, is it really 120 out there?

CG: Science Fiction hot, even the breeze is warm. I’ve been listening to the mix all day, love it. I was going to ask you – that intro- that’s from a film I think you recommended …..

DK: It’s from Klute, Alan Pakula  directed, Jane Fonda has some really great monologues in it. She plays a prostitute in a very clear eyed sober way. There is some great footage of her going on these modeling cattle calls that are contrasted with her work as a whore. Speaking of modeling you are looking rough and rugged on the website… ( laughter ) joking aside the Ten C. stuff looks incredible.

CG: HA! Yeah me no model, but the Ten C. stuff is one of the best things we’ve had, the store in a little bit.  It has been a labor of love but it’s coming together. How’s the leg and hip? What’s the status?

(for those who don’t know Kane was cycling in Brooklyn when a semi ran over him)

DK: Status is I’m running and I got a new bike, and I’d rather talk about anything else, (shit still hurts – but wtf am I supposed to do? – push on) I try to let the anger be a motivation to get up and out every day.

CG: What goes on in the music and art realm?

DK: Well the new Ghost Town is out now, a couple of nice edits. I’m working on a new Visitors track, and finishing the editing for the video of Ledger – so classic - the video will be done 4 months after the song! (laughter) but it’s all DIY…. I’m working on something for my buddy Paolo’s Panacustica label. We are doing a nice release for The Beat Brokers remix of the Jerry Williams track – really my fav song of the last 6 months….

CG: That’s on the mix no? “Take it easy” ? 

DK: ”Easy on yourself”, it’s a beauty. There is a Strobe Lodge party coming up with myself and Danny Krivit on October 23rd. Danny is an old friend and we haven’t done anything in like 5-6 years, it’s good to hear him play in this context ( a loft party), he gets to dig in his own crates and play some things that might not normally get to see the light of day. The last one we did was back in the APT days and it was pretty special.

CG: OH  APT I spent one too many a hazy night there.  You really were the one to set that place off!  I went through a sober faze for a bit and I remember ordering the 1 litre Hildon(water) bottles and putting it to the head like I was downing vodka.  Used to bug people out…  I was actually there the eve of 9/11 too, bugged… you back in the painting studio?

DK: Finally, it’s going slowly but it seems like something is starting to brew on that side of things as well. I hear you are going to do a mix for this series/soundcloud page, what is the set up exactly?

CG: It will be a soundcloud page connected to our blog/site, just another way to edutain, do some dope shit, get our peeps to post some mixes etc…. They wanted me to do the first one, but I’m honored to have you lead off, you helped me diversify my taste so much, and you always push it to some other level….

DK:  Thanks man! So will your mix feature the Cocteau Twins? (laughter)

CG: AHHH! You know I love me some Cocteau Twins!!!  That will have to be the 2nd mix I put up.  The first will be on some Norman Conners semi-disco, semi make out type business. I meant to ask you, how would I classify that?

DK: Adult Black Music. I think it’s great that you are getting back to the music, in your production work you always had a great sensitivity, there was always a melancholy to the stuff you worked on.

CG: Nice to hear, and appreciated, what’s the NYC scene like these days?

DK: Scene? Uh, um… I’m behind in my reading so I don’t go out much… (laughs) You know the deal, a few people trying to speak from the heart, then a pile of people trying to get famous. I try to roll with some tried and true pals. Work hard and look to have some fun, avoid the negative vibes – it’s not so easy sometimes. I feel lucky, the crew we have for our parties ( Strobe Lodge, Adult Section etc.. )they like to throw down, and are genuinely unpretentious. 

CG: Unpretentious heartfelt fun! Sounds perfect!

DK: How them babies of yours? 

CG: Solomon & Ishmael are 6 & 4 respectively, and running things…

DK: Daaamn! time flies – but yeah Roan just started kindergarten – it goes fast

CG: Hug& kiss him and Karen for me

DK: Right back at you & the fam!

Check more on Mr. Kane at & the soon to be launched or look him up on Facebook.

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