Neck Face Halloween LA Show Trailer

Neck Face Halloween LA Show Trailer from OHWOW on Vimeo.

A homecoming of sorts for the California native, Into Darkness will feature Neck Face at his nastiest - meaning of course, at his best. Following up 2009's now legendary performance-cum-exhibition in Miami, the artist sets his sights on Hollywood and brings with him the same energy and originality that has made him a cult favorite. Lock your windows and close your doors. He's on the loose and there's no telling what surprises he'll have in store this Halloween.

Neck Face is an artist who manages to imbue humor into violence, locate amusement in fear, and takes pleasure in rattling nerves. His work is simultaneously sinister and grim, genuine and playful. He toys with the sacrilegious, antagonizes phobias, and triggers insecurities, all with a measure of ambivalence. His distinctive style straddles the line between reckless and deliberate, yet the work maintains a sense of immediacy, and is always provocative. Neck Face posits nightmares, prompts anxiety, and conjures the devil. In doing so, he champions the urge to laugh, rather than retract, at the discomfort felt from the true absurdity of horror. Los Angelenos beware, the artist is (now) present.

Opening reception Sunday, October 31, 2010 7pm.