My man, my mellow Tony Held, of Incase and now 13th witness.  Sent me this photo late last night from the 13th witness website.  Got me to thinking...


I was living in NYC at the time and had actually spent the night out before that at the club APT at a Bobbito Party, great times! I got home around 5am. I was woken up by my roommates mom who was looking for her son.  I hung up on her twice, not knowing what was going on and on the third attempt, she told me to turn on my TV.  I turned in to just in time to see the second plane hit?!   I was living in brooklyn, in an Muslin neighborhood, so I never really felt threatened?  I spent the rest of my day watching the days events in disbelief like everyone else.  After a while I just couldn't take it anymore so I finally went out to prospect park and chilled with my good friend Sheeks

I guess I usually try to not think much about it because I still don't understand it and don't think I ever will.  I mean, I suppose I subscribe to the conspiracy theory that it was some kind of Inside job or something?   The one thing that stands out more than anything to me was a cartoon the was in the theonion a week or so after, that depcited the similarities between George Bush and Bin Laden.  They are basically the same dude.  Rich Dad who owns/runs the world (who are friends by the way), Ivy league grads and using the world as a battle field to work out their daddy issues.

I couldn't find the original but here is something I found that is similar: