Shark Attack

The catch took place a few days ago and it's only by chance that the gruesome act was discovered.
A group of guys were fishing and realized that their catch was being taken by a shark every time. They eventually hooked a very big grouper and as they were wheeling it in they realized that something had a hold of it and refused to let go. It got close enough to the boat that they were able to determine that it was a shark.. shot which point it brought up something looking alike a human leg and so they proceeded to pull it unto their boat and gut it open.....and thats how they discovered what was it its belly.
Two guys out of a group of five went missing last week when their boat sank. 3 guys managed to make it ashore safely but the 2 have been missing until now. Its thought that the shark might have gotten one or both of them. DNA tests which are now underway will confirm that.