Zines: USA 92

Every so often people send us really cool shit... a few months ago we got a little packet from the southern half of the hemisphere, which contained a zine about a 14 year-old kid's family trip to the West Coast in the early 90's. A lot of us at the shop grew up here in LA so flipping through those pages was like stepping into a time capsule... have a look for yourself. And if you like it, Mark is selling it on his web store over here. "A little over 20 years ago, I returned from a 3 week trip across the West Coast of the USA. 2 weeks were on a tour bus, with a few days spent either side in LA and Hawaii. In many ways it cemented the path I am on now, not only in music taste and aesthetics, but also note taking. My parents required my sister and I to each keep a diary of the event, which first was met with resistance, but became something I quite enjoyed adding to. My sister was 12, and her entries reflect a positive excitement. I on the other hand, was 14… Unimpressed by the Grand Canyon (not to mention the idea of family holidays), unhappy about everything, and basically there solely for rap compilation tapes and K-Mart grade Raiders gear. The bus tour was mostly other Australian families, and I “fell in love” with a girl my age from Pennant Hills, a suburb strangely close to where I lived at the time. Presented here are the contents of those two diaries, alongside the family photos my father took. Thank you to my sister for letting me publish her writing (and apologies in advance to my parents)." - Mark Drew, December 2013 DSC01106 DSC01107 DSC01110 DSC01112 DSC01113 DSC01115