Without Sympathy: The Visceral Journey of Al Jourgensen

Words & thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso Images by Camille Lepen Alain Jourgensen 000

This past weekend some of my Vampire friends and me took a trip to the Al Jourgensen photo exhibit at the Lethal Amounts gallery. Located near the half gentrified streets of

Downtown L.A. and snugly placed next door to the 1920's style bar known as Monty, the show featured industrial legend Al Jourgensen in person being the charismatic antihero we

all know and love, he was selling autographed copies of his book, along with great photo works and other rarities. The exhibition itself was a collection of photographs from the Wax

Trax! records archives taken by Brian Shanley between 1980-1990. The crowd was very interesting, a mix of old punks, goths, and sophistos (would be intellectuals). I wasn't mad.

There was lots to look at, and plenty of red wine for yours truly. Nights like this are what keeps the real L.A. alive and raging and without sympathy.

Alain Jourgensen 003 Alain Jourgensen 002 Alain Jourgensen 004

Alain Jourgensen was going ULTRA the whole night. He was speaking a language only a select few could really understand. He was truly BASED all night, and the crowd was eating it

up. Its rare to get into a situation with a persona of his stature in such an intimate setting. The man was truly a prince Friday night, talking with people, answering questions and

further enlightening those with an understanding for art and culture. Respect.

Fan Boys 003 Fan Boys 001 Fan Boys 000

Like I said. The man was a fucking prince. Taking pictures with fans, signing autographs, and talking about the world at large. I agree when he says the "world doesn't like

smart people". Thank god for real art, and true antiheroes.

Side Chick Revolting Cocks

Rare images of the super side project known as Pailhead, and Revolting Cocks. Wax Trax! had a killer roster during their heyday. Pailhead is a secret. Don't go blowing it out.

Ministry Mix Ministry by Alain Jourgensen Without Sympathy

Photographs, and other rare items are available for purchase. Click here if you would like to know more...