What Happened, Miss Simone?

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Shout out's to my boy Jason Jackson who produced this joint. It's nothing short of Amazing. This is one of the best documentary's out there right now.

Whether you know...or don't know bout Nina it's still entertaining and educational...KRS would say "Edutainment". It's a real look into the life and times of Nina Simone.

The doc is essentially narrated by Nina herself as they got access to taped recording from her biographer. Bong! They also got access to some amazing footage of

her x-husband talking quite candidly about beating her...shit is real! I wont spoil the whole film, but one of the dopest moments is an interview with her daughter where

she shares memories of when the SImone's lived next door the the Shabazz's. It's dope to here her tell the story of being next door neighbors and playing games with

Malcolm X's kids!!! Best thing bout this doc....it's free on Netflix. Don't Sleep!!!

What Happened, Miss Simone - trailer by konbini

Also, check out the fucking incredible soundtrack produced and arranged by the G-O-D Robert Glasper and featuring Lauryn Hill, Lalah Hathaway, Alice Smith and mo...

Check out this incredible cover of Baltimore by Jazmine Sullivan