Westbrook vs. Junya Watanabe

Chris Gibbs Diary

Yo. We all know Westbrook is the shit on the court, we are now learning that he has a little flavor off the court too. This screen shot is from the post game interviews after last nights game 3 win. Check out ya boy rocking Junya!

Now he has also been know to rock some questionable shit too, shit to make me say, "I ain't mad at him, but I ain't glad at him". Like this Joyrich shirt here:

Yo. Russel!

Stop fuckin with Urban Outfitter and come thru to Union and BUY BLACK. We got the goods that will get you the fashion look you want without Chuck, Kenny and Shaq makin fun of you.

And please stomp the Spurs out. A OKC/HEAT Finals would be the shit!



PS. Check here for more Junya shirts.