Weekend Primer: The Sacrifice


Andrei Tarkovsky Sacrifice

Its a new year. For many that means a change in direction, for some its just another number. Either way here we are, and we are glad for those who made it.

The world has been on an interesting trajectory these last several months. One thing is for sure, the world needs more beauty, creativity, style, persona, and

mind expansion. The good people at Cinefamily seem to be on the same page. In the midst of several raging parties in and around Los Angeles there also

lies an important cinematic experience waiting in front of those who will be in town this weekend: Andrei Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice in a new 35mm print.


For those in the know Tarkovsky may be the single greatest film director the world has actively experienced. His works were art, the attention to story,

character, set and costume design were rivaled by very few. Kubrick, and Kurosawa obviously come to mind. Something that made Tarkovsky

extremely special was overcoming the Soviet government's interference of his work. Budget cuts, and speculation as to how political his intense brand of

history and science fiction cinema made him an easy mark. And a legend.

Films such as Andrei Rublev, Solaris, Stalker,The Mirror and The Sacrifice are examples of cinematic brilliance. The camera movement in a Tarkovsky film is

unique and full of depth and emotion in its own right. His range of esoteric cinema delves into concepts of creation, existence, and bargaining with God.

Have you ever caught a movie like this in an actual cinema house...? Its a

unique experience and a perfect way to start this new year...


The Sacrifice in 35mm will be screening from January 3rd through the 6th.