Weekend Primer: Putney Swope Or An Evening With Antonio Fargas


This Saturday the fine people at Cinefamily bless us with yet another killer screening. This time around Robert Downey Sr.'s seminal Civil Rights Movement inspired classic, Putney

Swope. In many ways it is a precursor to films such as Bamboozled, Chameleon Street, and other satirical looks at race, politics, and mind control. 1969's Putney Swope featured a

landmark performance from none other than Antonio Fargas. (Fargas would go on to become a well known TV actor thanks to a recurring role on Starsky & Hutch a role that many in

the black community had their issues with). Fargas will be in person for a live Q&A followed by the film itself. For those who have not seen Putney Swope; it is a hard satirical look at

corporate America, the entertainment industry, and the commodification and packaging of the Civil Rights Movement. (Perfect subject matter considering what is happening in America

as of late). Its a rare opportunity to not only see a vintage art film that helped changed popular culture, but also meet one of the cast members that helped breath an insurmountable

amount of life into the work. Its a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Click the link for ticket information.