Weekend Primer: LACMA Film Series: All That Jazz

ALL THAT JAZZ - Japanese Poster-1

A second chance to see a classic film with an audience on the big screen arrives. This Friday evening the good people at LACMA are continuing their "LACMA Film

Series" with Bob Fosse's 1979 classic "All That Jazz". Loosely based on Fosse's own life, Roy Scheider stars as a fictional iteration of the director (choreographer,

ladies man, and purveyor of beastWAVE) in what may be his finest cinematic performance. All That Jazz blends an existential weariness with the glitter and glamour

of Broadway and the New York stage scene. Unlike Stallone's (ugh) Staying Alive, this piece is more of a true testament to the struggles and hardships that come

along with fame, insecurity, and one's own mortality. With the feature having recently been restored thanks to Criterion this brilliant piece of work is enjoying a

second life. All That Jazz is one of the most highly visual, well costumed, and brilliantly edited works of cinema from its era and thusly a perfect way to spend a

Friday evening in beautiful Los Angeles...

A slice of what you could be missing. Enjoy the beastWAVE of Roy Scheider as a fictional Fosse.