Weekend Primer: Jurassic Park in 35mm


Dinosaurs! Clones! Attack!


One of the cool things about 35mm is understanding that film is virtually a living construct. It can die and expire if not kept in the right environment. Its a living element that brings to life characters, costumes, and landscapes. We now live in a digital world where things are becoming less organic, and less artful, our senses are slowly becoming dulled. Now film has become a memory of different times. The good people at the Nuart are screening one of the essential blockbusters of the 90's in its full glory; Jurassic Park. November 28th at the beautiful Nuart Theater see a shirtless Jeff Goldblum try and explain chaos theory, and Sam Neill do his best Harrison Ford impersonation all the while saving screaming kids from crazed velociraptors. A great way to experience a classic blockbuster film and ponder the ethics of cloning and colonizing (the film has subtle influence from real life explorer Otto von Bismarck with the character of John Hammond played elegantly by Sir Richard Attenborough). Click the highlighted link for your tickets because they go fast.