Weekend Primer : Ishi Glinsky


Another weekend is upon us. This time around we are proud to inform you of another great evening of art. The work of Los Angeles based artist Ishi Glinsky. An intimate exhibition featuring a carefully curated selection of Glinsky's work. Themes will include Glinsky's take on Navajo portraits from the 1920's and earlier, as well as an impressionistic style painting of an 1850's style Navajo Serape blanket with enlarged details. Ishi Glinsky's works range from sketches, sculptures, mixed media, paintings and more. His work has a very layered, textured quality that reflects the bleeding heart of America and its ancestors. Navajo themes that correlate with the evolution of America into Americana. Deconstruction of the inner spirit and psyche as well as its subsequent rebirth seem to be elements of Glinsky's work. All beautifully crafted works which can at times be haunting, they are aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking and with love for all. In addition to the presence of Glinsky is jeweler Larry Smith who is known for his amazing reproduction Navajo styled jewelry. Glinsky's style and art are in unison with the jewelry of Larry Smith in the sense that Glinsky is capturing imagery of the original wearers and craftsmen of said jewelry. A collaboration that makes sense, and is constructed with respect, honor and grace for the Navajo culture and the general spirit of art in what we know as America.

Below are images of work in progress (the artist was BASED enough to show this process and we appreciate that) .

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