Weekend Primer: Dangerous Days at Hollywood Forever


Sometimes its hard to imagine the world without a piece of art such as Blade Runner, (its also hard to imagine the original working title was Dangerous Days). By now, Blade Runner might be one of the most abused and over referenced pieces of cinema to date; but with good reason. The combination of the set design, the costume design, the cast, the director, the score (from an artist of the magnitude of Vangelis), the themes, tone and the vagueness of the overall story make it extremely unique, and one to be imitated yet never duplicated or truly understood in its most pure form.

We take for granted that this film almost didn't happen, and many of us are too young to recall a time when Ridley Scott's masterpiece came into cinemas and limped out without much of a trace. A film that is all the things Blade Runner is, (with its budget, and creative team working in unison) will most likely never be produced during our lifetimes and that is a major reason why the folks at Cinespia rule for screening the existential, cyberpunk art film this coming Saturday at Hollywood Forever! This is the perfect way to spend an evening and expand the mind. Tickets sell out fast, so click the highlighted link to get yours.

Keep in mind Halloween is over, so sitting in a creepy, eerie, Hollywood cemetery shouldn't be a big deal for those with grave anxiety. Don't be too cute just bring a scarf, blanket, a sweater, and some snacks. Because it gets chilly, and you will want snacks.

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