Weekend Primer : Legend (1985)

ALLNIGHT_trailerframe The kind folks at Cinespia have a cool screening happening tomorrow night (Saturday). in the graveyard. Ridley Scott's misunderstood dark fairy tale known as Legend (1985) , and the classic Jim Henson directed Labyrinth (with a memorable performance from David Bowie). Both of these films are a visual feast, in particular Legend with an incredible performance from Tim Curry as Darkness. Also Mia Sara has never been hotter, and filled with more pent up sexual frustration, and subtle seductiveness (its all in her eyes and her tone). Legend was mistaken for a children's film upon its release in 1985, it was the film that immediately followed Blade Runner for Scott and in many ways Legend was a precursor to the current films of Guillermo Del Toro and their roots in fairy tales. From a pure cinematography standpoint this film is art, throw in the Tangerine Dream soundtrack (another unfairly maligned aspect of this feature) and you are in the BASED World.

Fantasy was once a much maligned genre, particularly in the 80's when many of Hollywood's top people attempted (George Lucas/Ron Howard) and somewhat failed to deliver a hit (Dragonslayer, Legend, Willow to name three box office flops), but then Peter Jackson came along in the early 2000's and wiped all that away with his Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Regardless as to how you felt about those movies, or fantasy movies in general,the 80's were an interesting time. You had Spielberg essentially at maximum strength making hit after hit, and his underlings (Robert Zemeckis) but the fantasy genre didn't really get that shine. Enough of the history lesson, Legend is an amazing film and if you love a visual feast go see it. All you need to know about this BASED experience is located below.

The info you need to make it happen :

Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $14 Gates at 11:30pm - 6am