Weekend Primer: Beyond Fest (Popcorn in 35MM)


Beyond Fest2014 Portrait

It's that time of year when there are multiple things to do at any given point on any given night in the L.A. area (another reason we love this town!). October brings with it Halloween, and ghosts and goblins, and Frankensteins, Draculas, zombies, and the MUMMY! (depending on which side of town you live on that is). We are pleased to inform you that Beyond Fest season is back! Horror, science fiction, fantasy, and various elements of suspense found in nerve rattling, mind melting, cinema will be radiating from the incredible Egyptian Theater in haunted Hollywood from September 25th - October 4th !


Help support the Ghoul Squadron : Christian, Spencer, Evrim, Gaston, Adam, James, and Grant, for it is their labor of love and with it Sunday night (Oct. 4th), that labor of love is presenting a free 35MM screening of the 1991 beastWAVE session titled : Popcorn. There will be opportunities for Q&A with directors, live re-scores of the music, BDSM, and hallucinogens (at least there were last year). All we can say is : stay stylish, stay open minded, and go full beastWAVE...

The Details You Need To Make It Happen:

9:30PM at the Egyptian Theatre