We Got That Good Neighborhood Shit For Y'all!!! Come And Get It!


This week we got our first major delivery of Neighborhood in and there is a great assortment of goodies here: denim, tee's, jackets, accessories, etc.

First off we have some of their great tee's... Built and Decide.

Next up we have a ton of great bottoms. There are the Bullseye Pants, a nice slim cotton twill, 5 pocket pant.

We also got this year's Savage Level 4 denim called Deer Denim. They are adorned with conchos for rivets and include a dope bead detail.

And lastly we have the Kendall Narrow chinos... a really dope slim pair of chinos.

We are also launching some really dope Neighborhood accessories.

Everyone's favorite incense chamber is finally here... the Booze Thinking Monkey ceramic piece!A silk Shemagh scarf for the rebel chic in you.

A really dope SVG lightweight M65... a great spring jacket.

And last but not least... our favorite set from Neighborhood with Navajo beading. We have the Stockman heavy twill jacket and the Tipi hoodie and Tipi sweat pants.