“We don’t bother you. You don’t bother us. We all had each other’s backs.”

Last summer when we hosted our "Bring Your Own Chair" movie nights, we knew that KIDS needed to be the first movie we screened because at the core of Union's history and foundation are the people who were in that movie. Narritively has written a nice story on that particular time in New York City. Have a read for yourself... 0CsCp0GGRCa7S3leF3YP_The Kids from Kids_assignment 2013-133_Leo Fitzpatrick_3344 elZ0WRWQBCOuXPoN7h75_EDITJustinPierceBoweryBar T4BBwagATWGBHBPA3vwV_EDITHarold-Ham-Pang-Eli