Just wanted to post some pictures from the trunk show we did last week. We can't really show a lot of the product (top secret) so we couldn't use a lot of the photo's. But you get the idea of what went down form these: Fisrt off, the man, the myth, the legend was in the house. Eric Clapton. Here Hiroki explains the difference between Japanese and German Elk. Riveting! MOS DEF was in the building! Here Hiroki is showing Dante how he turns water into wine...Just kidding. He is showing Dante the Cochineal (beetle blood) dyed cowichans. Up to no good... Just trying on some goodies.... Rene form RTH. Derrick AKA Mr. Bentley...can't front...brothers make this Visvim shit look good (nohomo). A nice you lady making sure the Visvim Gor Tex is up to par... Great look!