Every once in a while we convince the Visvim crew to lug all their shit from Tokyo over here to LA to do a private trunk show for some of our customers. They get to preview the next season and do their own personal buy. Kinda cool, huh? We just wrapped this seasons trunk show...tons of work...tons of fun. First stop the Visvim office to pick up all the samples, oh and play with all the toys. You have already seen "the yellow beast" but it's worth checking again... Also just laying around the office was this 1970 Husqvarna 400 cross. The same bike that was used in the movie "On Any Sunday" by Steve McQueen. Some behind the scenes photo's of the staff getting ready for the show. What up Mami?! Ryno and Matthew getting ready to snuggle... "Wet Market" Richie chilling and showing off his persian rug, camo Kiefer's. Wifey, taking a break. order forms ready... The guest list was so tight even this guy couldn't get in. more from the show next post...