Union x Vans ComfyCush LX

"Recently, Union adopted our own custom made “Union Kente Cloth” design into our brand identity; on our shopping bags, stickers, packing tape and other designs. It’s our subtle shout out to our history! Since we knew the shoe was going to release during Black History Month, we thought it would be a nice touch to make it a part of the design. Not sure what year it was but I remember back in the day Vans did a Kente cloth authentic and I always wanted those, but was never able to cop, so we made a new version for ourselves." As for the kicks, we incorporated Vans ComfyCush foam for increased comfort, added arch support, and a one-piece constructed interior for a comfy fit. Available in-store and online (02.16.19). Check out the editorial below as well as the video teaser here. Photographer: Obi O | @friendsonly90008 Styled/Video: Hesh | @heshnigga