Union x Noah | UNION 30 YEAR

And without further ado, we gladly present to you the @unionlosangeles x @noahclothing “Truth Dare Dream” Collection. With a combining of the minds, we’ve chosen to tell the story through 3 different characters; Dumas, Beethoven & Shakespeare. Each character represents a different narrative; one truth, one dare and one dream. DARING to ask “Was Beethoven Black?” DREAMING of a world where Shakespeare could share her prolific works as her true self without fear of ridicule and backlash due to the prevailing misogyny. And highlighting the TRUTH of Dumas, who was a French, but whom’s father was Haitian and mixed. Through these designs we wanted to have poke fun but we also wanted to be able to do so while also reminding people of the marginalized histories of countless people we will never know because they were born a woman, or black or gay at the wrong place or the wrong time. As a part of the programing for this collection, we teamed up with @wattsconservatoryofmusic and we are donating proceeds of sales to them. This organization is going above and beyond to make sure to offer better access to the arts to communities and families that otherwise aren’t given access to programs like this. The models featured all come from the WCOM pilot program, and we want to send a special thank you to them for their time. The full collection will be available Thursday, April 15. #sooncome