UNION X The BSC from Beth Gibbs on Vimeo.

So the best kept secret is finally out. This is where we all go to get our hair did. Located in the Farmers Market, is the Barber Shop Club, best barbershop in Los Angeles. And the best Barber hands down is our man 50 grand Jason. My wife was so inspired, that she decided to shoot a viral commercial if you will...

Directed by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs.

Shot and Edited by Alan Algee

Produced by Pete "da meat" Arbelaez

Starring our own Ryno as the subject, Jason as...well.... "the barber". And a cameo by our good friend and the only real actor present Aarti Mankind.

It was a family affair. Even yours truly plaid a role: Coffee boy and overall gofer. Special shout outs to Margiela and Creatures of Comfort for the women's clothing, Woody for the usage of his fine barbershop and Eric for the Ill shave.