UNION STAFF: Have To Haves (Gibbs, Meegs, Vic)



Here's the first part of Union Staff have to haves! Take a look at what Gibb's, Meeg's, and Vic's quarantine essentials look like during the stay at home period. Not to mention their top 3 Union wishlist pieces they've been eyeing from home... Lastly big ups to Sunny - without her none of this would have been spellchecked...

Enjoy y'all!

STAFF: Chris Gibbs



  • Birkenstocks: I have always loved Birks not only for their comfort but their style too (it’s a Canadian thing). So this answer is easy…they are my security blanket, well…security shoe I guess. Plus I am currently nursing a torn achilles so I actually find them that much more necessary. They are just easy…like a slipper that transforms into a shoe when you need it to be that.
  • Bephie Face Mask: Well, this one was easy…we need face masks to go just about anywhere these days and my wife Bephie made some pretty dope ones. I am not sure if she was thinking of me at the time or not, but her’s are…wait for it….”Oversized” (very fashion), which is perfect for me with my big ass “Rona beard”.
  • Union Hoody: I have been wearing my Union pretty much everyday like a half uniform/half pajama. It’s comfy, cozy, and keeps me warm.

  • Kapital 60/40 CLoth Kung Fu Mountain Parka: I have wanted this since we saw it 6 months ago during their exhibition. Fire! I mean, it’s all in that mouthful of a title. For the guy that has everything in fashion…bet you don’t have one of these?
  • OAMC Serra Liner: What can I say, I am sucker for millenarian, dystopian pseudo military/space/retro/future shit!!!
  • Wales Bonner Oraa Embroidered Cardiagn: This piece is fire. I love vintage hand made view going on here with just a hint of 70’s Kingston Jamaica to it. Reminds me of something one of the Nyabinghi extras in Rockers would have worn.


STAFF: Meegan

JOB: Store Manager/Buyer

TIRED OF LOVING YOU: My vintage BMW T-shirt!! It's one of my favorite t-shirts so it's an obvious go-to throughout this stay at home period. QUARANTINE ESSENTIALS:
  • Silk Pajamas - Are my favorite thing right now. Extremely comfortable!! Love lounging around the house in these and if you need to step outside for some fresh air, you looked dressed.
  • Gil Rodriguez El Tigre Bodysuit + Tour de France Bike Short- It’s become my uniform during the quarantine. I can wear it cleaning, cooking or while doing ballet & yoga.
  • Chanel Ballet Flats- I pair mine with socks. Chic & Cozy!
  • Foothills Rare Vintage 1970’s Sterling Silver Hermes Equestrian Money Clip- Classic, Classic, Classic! Need I say more?
  • BODE Quilted Workwear Jacket- I adore pieces that tell a story and take you back to another era. Made from an antique quilt, this is certainly a forever piece. Plus there’s only one left, you better get it before I do!
  • OAMC Exit Clog- Amazing!!! Everyone should own a clog in their wardrobe. Definitely a MUST! If these were my size, I’d buy in a heartbeat.


STAFF: Victor JOB: Jack Of All Trades TIRED OF LOVING YOU: Beanies to hide all the hair I haven't gotten cut but now I have this weird flat comb over look I can't get rid of. QUARANTINE ESSENTIALS:
  • Kapital Smiley Sweater (Cozy as fuck but mainly bc its already distressed so I don't need to worry about my dog destroying it)
  • Maison Margiela Pleated Trouser (Never cared for baggy trouser but I am a firm believer now)
  • GUS (My dog's hair is everywhere and is on everything. Thats the one thing I wear the most)