Received some late shipments of apparel from Nike and we decided to do something special. We took a handful of the pieces and teamed up with @saintluisnyc where he took our already vintaged collection and did what he does, that is... brought it to within a blink of it’s life and then nursed it back to health… creating an entirely new piece. We are not sure exactly what he does, cause his secrets are well guarded, all we know is that he wanted Planeta, a washing machine powered with a boat motor and lots of salt???

The end results are the unique one of a kind pieces.

Don’t worry, for those of you that want the original FOTB pieces, we still have some un-fucked up shit too. We release these, along with some of the regular apparel from the capsule this Friday in store only.

NO SHOES, don’t ask, don’t call, don’t email, don’t comment, don’t start a false rumor…we WONT have shoes at the store.


@jumpman23 @saintluisnyc #unionjordan

Stylest: Rique Strong | @sufficiently_madd Photographer: Niko Delgado | @neekkz Model: Yannick Kekoa | @yannick.kekoa