Union Highlights: Arthur Jafa

Art, Music, Read, Videos

It is always inspiring to see our friends creating progressive and beautiful pieces of work. This week we have to highlight Arthur Jafa, Director and Cinematographer who has recently been involved in Common's latest video "Black America Again".


as well as Solange's latest album A Seat at the Table. He shoot video for "Cranes in the Sky" and "Don't touch my hair" who were both Directed by Alan Ferguson. Both pieces are beautiful productions, Arthur's visuals create a mesmerizing landscape for Solange's vocals.



Aurtur Jafa has also been a cinematographer on numerous films such as Crooklyn, Daughters of The Dust and was Camera on Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide shut. Most recently his work has been in the Hammer Museum both as a speaker with Greg Tate and his famous clipping which he's collected from 1990 - 2008.