UNION + FFINC = Mouse Trap: Parts One & Two


UNION teamed up with the homie "Crazy" Reggie aka Reggieknow on a series of short films. In the spirit of fun, friendship, and just going HAM, both pieces were

made to partially pay homage to those poorly dubbed genius Run Run Shaw flicks of the 70's and 80's. The kind of kung fu stuff a lot of us grew up with. #memories. Of

course we flipped the script, and did it in Chinese...

Part One: A modern love story with a 1986 ethos; about a man named Chris (who's well known for "gettin' it" from hi-end street biz), and he unexpectedly meets what could be his

match in the leader of the Mousetrap Club (and she has biz of her own). She gets our man Chris distracted from his loyal employee (Reggie) and dilutes their plan of strategy with a

plan of her own...

Part Two: Four years later. we realize there's a mouse in the house. The very same mouse that stuck up the notorious Gibbs four years ago, and he wasn't the only one. His general,

FFINC's Reggieknow also got "got" for some sparkling figure$ (the kind a man can't lose. ever.) Chris and Reggie are out for revenge...

But its all love though.