For our FEB DROP, we did what we always do and tried to juxtapose worlds…. Giving y'all a bootleg Staff tee, ATLliens gear representing Outkast and those that love the film Alien, the RADIOHEAD T-Shirt is for the original HEADS out there; sneaker heads, house heads, metal heads... Even base heads, fuck it. It’s for the all of us creatives who can’t be put into one box. Some of y’all might not think of Compton as a beautiful day in paradise but for those of you like us, that do… Here you go! For our Any Means Necessary Africa Tour tee’s and hoodies we thought it might be fun to imagine what the merch would have looked like for Malcolm's tour of Africa. Below you can check out some visuals from our shoot at the MLK Parade in Leimert Park, enjoy y'all.


Photographer: Mark Peaced @markpeaced Model: K.O. Asante @potentko_