Union Exclusive Complexcon Releases


Next weekend we will be a pop up store front in Long Beach at the first annual Complex Con. The store will be stocked with all new gear including exclusive collaborations with some of our favorite brands, as well as our Union private label. Below you can find the capsules from each collection. Stayed tuned as we will be updating as we get more product in.


Brain Dead is that friend in your crew that everybody thinks is crazy, and yeah, they are crazy but they are also mad fun to hang out with, ride or die and secretly the smartest mother fuckers in your crew. This is our second colab with them. The last one was done around Easter so we did two rabbits fucking on some fertility shit. I guess that must mean from now on we have to do animals fucking, that's what they got for this graphic. I am kind of scared to see what bestiality type shit they come up with next...but remember crazy/genius...


Wacko Maria is quickly becoming one of our favorite brands at the store. The way they have carved out a dope little niche in the 40’s Americana vibe is kind of a fresh perspective. Especially the way they sprinkle it all with a little bit of a “Fuck You” attitude. With Wacko we just remixed a couple of our favorite items. They make one of the best “bowling shirts” in the game. So we thought why not make one in pink? We also did a couple Long sleeve hombre flannels and a hat and some tee’s to round the whole thing off…Don’t sleep on these…it’s fire!

uxnbhdNeighborhood and Union have been working together for over 15 years, so for our Neighborhood x Union capsule collection we wanted to keep it simple and clean and do a B/W collection. We chose our favorite NHBD silhouettes; BDU, Hoody, Trucker and of coarse a t-shirt and sticker just to round shit off.

BDU Hands down our favorite piece, they often imitated, never duplicated BDU. We chose to a HBT fabric and washed it out for a little bit of that lived in vibe… We put the Union & Neighborhood branding where the name tags would typically go. Love that this piece is fully “murdered out”. uxnoah

For our Noah x Union colab we decided to recycle one of my favorite Noah graphics. "The Violent Femme” Hoody, T-shirt and Military shirt. I remember when I first heard The Violent Femmes, I was in middle school and it blew my mind. Sad but true, I think at first, I was just into the fact that they cursed. It was the first time I had heard a curse word in a song and it just felt so rebellious. From there I just really got into their music. When I saw this Noah graphic it immediately brought back all my teenage angst. Not to mention the fact that I just love the simplicity of the design.

Why can't I get just one fuck? Why can't I get just one fuck? I guess it's got something to do with luck But I waited my whole life for just one...


For the Fear of God x Union collaboration we wanted to work with Jerry and do something with his Denim. I wish we could take any credit for the final product but it was all him. In the first meeting he suggested a colored wash with some light paint splattering, I immediately said yes and the rest as they say is HIS-STORY…

It came out super fresh!


For the U.S. Alteration Pro Keds we had Pro Keds send us canvas fabric and then had Miggy do his thing; overdye, paint splatter, bleach, etc…the canvas. Pro Keds then took the fabric and made some kicks in four colors; pink, red, blue and green. We wanted to also make some apparel to go with the collection so we remixed an idea that we did over the summer. We found vintage Champion sweats and again…had Miggy do his thing; over-dye, paint splatter, bleach etc.


We haven’t really done a lot of our own shit in a while so we were excited to finally have an excuse to run some of our ideas!

Union Botanicals: We did the a whole collection based off of those scientific drawings of plants. But with a twist…we did all medicinal plants; poppy/opium, fungi/shrooms and cannabis/weed. Wha Gwaan: Taken from my island roots..that’s how we say “what’s happening” or “what up”? …what a go on… Fist: Some pro black type shit…taken from an OG Richard Wright book cover artwork for “Black Boy”. A must read as far as I am concerned. This is a precursor to more graphics we want to do that references great literature. Union Yes: Taken from a get out the vote t-shirt. Tis’ the season. Union: We needed just a plain Union t-shirt, "straight no chaser”. We decided to go big and bold with this one on some OG 90’s shit.

Shout out and big thanks to everyone at Complexcon and Shopify for making this possible. Peace.