UNION BRAIN DEAD POP UP...GTHBA (good times had by all)!


This past weekend we did a little jump off at the store and did a soft launch... (pause) of the SS15 Brain Dead collection. - Beats provided by the Brain Dead crew - Food by FreeRangeLA massive - Cold Brew provided by Stumptown Coffee collective & a SECRET spiked punch provided by Free Range and what ever liquor we had laying around the back stock of the store... Thanks Uncle Ben!!!!

Wish you were here...so for those that missed it, here are some pics.

anthony"Crazy Eye's" Anthony in the place to be...rocking that limited edition "blaze" yellow Brain Dead beanie....or maybe it's just a 5 dollar army surplus beanie with a Brain Dead pinbadge on it...the first one sounds way better....


...here at Union we are Kid friendly...well only if your cute like this one...don't bring your ugly kids here...




Home is where the Heart is...lace and Brain Dead...my fave!

bunnyfuckjacket...um we had these very tastefully done "bunny fuck" chenille Patches made and we thought...there is no better place than a vintage naval HBT jacket...came out dope!

DSC02696...did I mention "bunnies"?

DSC02699......did I mention FUCT?

durimelrickBlack People Unite and lets all get down. I got to have it - Ed OG.

let't not talk about the weird t-shirt that the Durimel twin on the left is wearing????

Ricky, ever the professional...teaching us all how to fold a Brain Dead Tee. It's gotta be the "beard".

gibbsWho invited that guy in the pink/orange cardigan? This ain't no 40+ grown and sexy event?


israeltemoc...Labrea Massive who just showed up for the free chicken...there goes the neighborhood.

jesseisraelLet's play make up your own story for this picture! I'll start. Jesse of FreeRangeLA is describing the size of his ...ummm...GIANT "Chicken leg" yeah...that't the ticket...

Isreal is very impressed while Ricardo is like...who is this fucking guy?

Your turn!

meegsOur girl Meegan somehow making this military jacket look very sexy...

neekWho invited this weirdo in the Pink hat?

neonsFitting....we did this the day before "ISHTAR". Do the knowledge you...

obediencetable...oh yeah...I almost forgot...we are a store and we did have something for sale...Still available in limited quantities go online or come thru the store.



sayaandangieThanks to everyone who came thru! Had a blast! Till Next Time!!!