Peace Y'all
For the campaign editorial we decided to do something a little different, a little special. We had as many of our fiends and family for over the years take photos wearing the collection. on a side note, despite the fact that I didn’t start the store; Mary Ann did in New York City some 32 years ago, and Eddie opened the LA store over 10 years before I moved to Los Angeles. The fact still remains that this 30 year anniversary has been very personal for me. I have been here since 96 and it’s pretty much the only adult job I have ever had. It was really touching and heart warming seeing all of our friends and family come out and really show support for us, and I want to thank them all!!! We had OG heads that were here from day one, people who laid the foundation for Union and I. I am truly honored and thankful for what they started. We had staff roll through, past, present, and maybe even some future staff; all people who contributed their blood, sweat and tears so we could be here. We had some customers that have been shopping and supporting the store for the entire 30 years and some who may have only discovered us this year…and everything in between. We had friends who have stood by me when times were tough. I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles, I couldn’t even get the job here, I was denied and had to bust my ass to prove I was worthy....and we have dogs…tons and tons of dogs!!!! After reviewing all the pictures, and seeing all the fucking dogs (my own included), the entrepreneur in me wonders if we need to open a UNION Pet store, but I digress... Seeing all these amazing friends of the store who continue to support, I can’t help but acknowledge that one of our principles, the one where we have always strived to not just sell you fly shit (y'all know we got you on that), but more than anything we have wanted to be a part of and help build a community. We have always tried to be inclusive and serve as social hub, a UNION if you will for the community and we will continue to do that! I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish and pledge to continue to serve you guys! Yes this year we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary and in doing so we are releasing a bunch of fly shit (shameless plug) but please know, we haven’t forgotten who we are and where we came from and most importantly we haven’t forgotten all the funky fresh people that helped us get here.
From the bottom of my heart.
Thank you!
One Love