As a prominent Los Angeles based brick and mortar we are extremely thankful for all of the great relationships that we have established over the years to form what we now call "The Union Family". When anyone within our family is doing something interesting, creative or beneficial we always want to be there for support. When we first heard about "Tropics", the forthcoming community Juice bar in South Central Los Angeles, we weren't surprised to see that a lot of our Union Family were involved in the fantastic project.

Tropics is a project the family Daniel Desure and Commonwealth Projects have been working on alongside the Underground Museam for the last few years. Tropics is a community run juice bar that serves as a platform for young adults to learn life-long skills to nourish self-esteem and independence.

At the core of the establishment Tropics serves as a Juice bar, Resource / Educational Center, Safe Zone, and Cultural Hub. With all of these crucial projections, a project like this can only come into fruition with the support from the broader community. The team over at Tropics set up a Kickstarter Campaign in order to raise money for their necessities. There are 16 days left in the camping and we are calling on all of our "Union Fam" to help out.

Peep the link below for more information on Tropics and to support through their kick starter. A little can go a long way. Thanks to all who can help out. Bless! Union.