Throwback Thursdays: Twister

Driving by the UCLA Hammer Museum late one night back in 2000, I noticed that the lights in the main foyer were on and for whatever reason decided to park and walk up to the window. Happy that I did because it turned out that Twist (or Barry McGee or whatever name you know him by) was inside, painting and setting up for his show! Think it must've been one of the first big shows he had as an artist. Spying on him like a peeping tom, hiding in the bushes and eyeing him through the cracks, I busted out my camera and began taking photos! A few minutes later I guess he must've felt my eyes and my camera lens staring at him because he turned around and started walking towards the window I was standing in front of. I stood there thinking "shiiit"... fortunately he was totally cool, we spoke for a bit, aaand he even ended up painting a little head on the museum flyer for me with the can of 1 Shot he had in his hands (see last image). Thanks! * This was back when digital cameras were still uncommon so what you see below are scans of physical photos.