This Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly (WTAPS SS16)

Chris Gibbs Diary

Last Tokyo trip for the season and year. This one is a quick one. 2 days...I almost spend more time on the flight than I do in Tokyo proper..

As always, I like to run the streets and check out the retail/fashion scene in Tokyo. I always get inspired, even if it's some shit I have seen a million times...


The Vivian Westwood shop in Aoyama. Classic Materail!



I have always loved this crazy ornate display case in the United Arrows women's store in Harajuku. Crazy detail...really beautiful.






I Stumbled upon this vintage store in the back alley's of Aoyama that only carries Vintage Chanel. Pretty fucking sick. Snowboards, chain guards and em...yeah...tons of....handbags. Legit!


On to the WTAPS Tenjikai. Good to see old friends. My boy Yu holding it down as always! Thanks for everything man!






YO! Remember these? This was the first Hi Def boombox. I used to have one of these and it bumped!!! I used to think I was the shit walking around with this in it's little bag, blasting hardcore hip hop...damn...the good ol' days...

Anyways, the TAPS guys had this at their studio blasting OG Muro "Diggin Ice". Definitely brought me back.


After the WTAPS studio visit, I dropped by this cool Neon art show...pretty dope!


The WTAPS studio is close to the Ron Herman store...It's kind of funny cause they just built a store that they thought was a total Cali vibe. They actually did a great job too. At the beginning they tried to tell the staff to act laid know Cali style. But for anyone who has gone to Tokyo...telling store staff to act laid back doesn't really work. They;re attempt to be chill ended up being more aloof than anything and it seemed down right rude. They have since adjusted this. that I think of it, maybe they were right on point. Shop staff out here can be down right rude...


View from the Telly...not so sexy..


Good to know that the hotel provides a plastic bag to put over my head in case of a fire???!!!


Tom Ondason. AKA, Thug Moki, AKA, The Thug, AKA SUGGZ...My chaperon for the trip. Thanks Yo!




Here is where I attmept to get random cityscape photo's of Tokyo. I know...I won't give up my day job.


went by UA and SONS to um..."drop the kids off at the pool". Decided to do a little scribbling as I passed the "time".


Had a quick curry lunch...I think this is hot sauce? I guess it's really hot?!

Lastly, I will leave you with this...the weirder side of Japan these days. It seems as though the Japanese have decided that carrying around little dogs in bags and strollers isn't cool anymore. DANUSHT is to get as many cats as you can and put them in a stroller, then go to the coolest intersection in the city and just chill, like a 100 dollar bill. These are real live cats!!! And this wasn't the only guy I saw pushing a stroller full of cats. I saw many people, young and old...trippy!!!



or there is this guys with an infinite collection of stuffed animals on his windshield!!!