Science of Cinema: The World According To Koreeda Hirokazu

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The World According to Koreeda Hirokazu from kogonada on Vimeo.

We love art. We love that you love art. Cinema is art.

Cinema. It isn't not the same as movies. Director Koreeda Hirokazu is explained to us by the genius Kogonada. Watch, listen, and grow. Hirokazu is one of the most distinct voices in Japanese cinema, and his films always warrant a deeper discussion, and can provoke creativity. Kogonada is one of the truly remarkable film scientists to emerge within the last 20 years. The delicate and detailed nature in which he breaks down cinematic patterns, theory, and techniques is unrivaled. The magic in Kogonada's view of cinema is an art in and of itself, right down to the dull lull-of-a-drone-of-a-voice. The man is a gift.

Cinema. Its not the same as movies.