Chris Gibbs Diary


…well, the neige storm is still going strong. We started the morning off in St. Germain on our way to write our Carven order.

Yes, I am cold but Ryno seems to be ok, as always…

Tight security!

The hustle and bustle of all the buyers looking for that hot shit!

Ryno found this dope Sherling piece….got this coming next season!!!

um, this guys is trying to steal Vic’s Paris look?

Next up we run back over the the RIGHT side for our CDG appointments. Stopped at a little park…Paris kind of looks dope covered in snow.

My favorite piece of the season from Junya…the ill Duvetica/Junya colab. Quilted Trecnh Craze!!!! What’s good!?

Me and Vic hard at work crunching the numbers. I’m stressing the CDG bill we are racking…in case you wondered where all my hair went?

Another dope piece…Duvetica colab again, quilted tweed vest piece….sick!

moving on to the 1st floor. CDG Shirt/Disney Colabs…coming soon!

Chris: Yo Ryno, you think those will fit me?

Ryno: Nah, you too fat.

Chris: Fuck you!

PS. Peep the pencil in my ear…makes me look like I am working real hard…

Really cool piece. chord printed paisley shirt. Nice.

After another long day of work…you know…to make yall look fly. We are off to Pigalle to check the Pigalle show, duh…

But first a little pit stop. Sorry no pics from here.

Next up the Pigalle show…ran into this guy…What up, Poggy!


Dope show as always…

Now that I am building this blog…I think I lost track of the days…I know we went to this Carhartt store opening but I can’t remember what day it was…getting old…oh well. One of those days, we went to the Carhartt Party…it was at night, it was snowing and it was fun…what more can I say…fuck it.

The happy couple. Congrats, yo!

Vic got pelted with his first snowball. All the way from Canada bitch! Bam!

Oh shit, what a cute “Bonauto de Neige…”

Ah, our girl Lucie pulled some strings and got us into Le Chateaubriand on some last minute shit. Thanks Lucie!!!!

Here are the before and after pics….suckaaaaaaassssss…

FYI, we didn’t take a pic out of respect for their privacy but Thom Breezy was in the building that night…

Our waiter was a little grumpy..but he sure did get excited. I think he w