The Shit We Do To Make Y’all Look Fly, Paris SS13 Diarrhea Pt. 2 (half man, half amazing).

Chris Gibbs Diary
As our Paris trip continued (click here to see part 1)....there was still a lot of work to be done, a ton of fly shit to see. So much so that we had to split up. While I went to the Visvim showroom to meet up with the FIVE STORY NYC team, Ryno went to the Thom Browne show... First up TB. Half man, half amazing! The show started off calm enough with these silver "bronzed" brogues nicely placed on marble slats on a beautiful sunlit courtyard in Paris... Then all of a sudden these dudes crashed the party! Shortly followed by these guys in silver "sinky" like containers, who rolled in and stepped into the a fore mentioned shoes. ...and then they dropped trou. You have to admit Thome Brown has a flair for drama and always puts on a good show. The best part of the show was that it was interactive. Everyone has a chance to get up close and personal with the models and REALLY see the garments. Speaking of minotaurs...we saw this and some other cool sights in and around Paris Luke was able to join us for a bit in the middle of his busy schedule... Repping the McNairy Brogues that he designed... home away from home... CDG had a lot of cool pop up shops around the city...this one called pocket is their new concept where the put Play, Perfume and Wallet in a small concept shop. Kinda cool... Later on I met up with Claire and her pops at the Visvim showroom. I think they liked the Visvim sunglasses... ...and her dad loved the new Virgil boots for next season. and to end the day while I slaved away at work. Ryno went to Chateau Briand...and he didn't even bring home any left overs. Stay tuned for part three.