The Shit We Do To Make Y’all Look Fly, Paris SS13 Diarrhea Pt.1I can taste the Himalayas.

Chris Gibbs Diary
Ok, it's that time of year again. The Fashion week gauntlet where I HAVE to fly to Paris, NYC and TOKYO and I HAVE to see all the new shit for the following seasons. I and HAVE to see old friends and I HAVE to eat out every night. ...damn...the shit I go through to make ya'll look fly... Ok. here we go...Any self respected blog where you are going somewhere HAS to have the obligatory plane at the airport shot. Here it is: Right off the plane and straight to the Junya show; no shit, shave or shower. Who do we run into? My fellow Canadian and blog photographer extraordinaire Tommy Ton. What up son!? Ah. I see our seats have been reserved. I have to admit, my jet lag got the better of me I think I should have taken that lollipop stick out of my mouth. Hopefully the heads at CDG didn't mind? And now the show... oops I forgot to set this damn thing to Black and White (Diarrhea mode). CLick. my secret portal to my french country side villa Had to show this in color. This is how Parisians park. This mother fucker ain't going nowhere, no time soon... Front. Back. Next stop our favorite lunch spot in the 3rd. Rose Bakery. I highly recommend it... They even have Himalayan Salt... which reminds me..."I can taste the Himalayas....." Yes I have kids...but this show is actually pretty damn funny. hmmm I didn't know we had a hand roasted coffee department @ union. Ryno must be moonlighting... another great moment in Parisian parking. I could have a blog dedicated to this alone, so I had to stop here or I would have to change the name of the Diarrhea to "Wack fucking parking Jobs in Paris". It could be a coffee table book. Next up we roll to check out our Boy Marcelo's new t-shirt line. Kind of fresh. Look for this shit in stores next season...should be fire! Last appointment of the day...Carven. Lets see what they got. We are always looking for new shit and they might fit the bill. Kelly Green leather Jacket, check! orange dayglow loafers, check! pink dayglow sweaters, check! ladies and gentleman Ryno's SS13 unifrom. Poggy in the building! Stay tuned for Part 2...