The Shit We Do To Make Y'all Look Fly (Monkey's In Bali)

Chris Gibbs Diary

...well it's been a while since my last post. Sorry, I haven't been feeling well and I have been grounded. Also I figured Social Media is not the place to share misery???

Good news is, I am feeling much better much so that I took my first trip overseas in almost a year and I wanted to share it with yall.

First stop. Tokyo.


Me and Wifey came out to Tokyo for a photo shoot (or photo shooting as they call it in Japan) that we have been working on. It was good to be back to one of my favorite places...


Good to see old friends too. What up ARISA & THUGS!


Arisa and Tomoki were so nice they even had these beautiful flowers sent to our hotel room. Thanks! 5 6

It was a great time to be there, too cause it was Cherry Blossom season. Unfortunately these pictures from our Taxi were as close as we got to a Hanami, cause it was all work on no play for this photo shoot.

7 9


Here are some of the outtakes from behind the scenes of the shoot. Superdutytoughwork Shout out to everyone who helped us on the shoot.

The models, You guys killed it.

The Photographer

Special shout outs to CE, PAM & BLACK WEIRDOS for lending us gear for the shoot.

Also want to give crazy shout outs to James Oliver @

We literally couldn't have done this with out you!


Also want to shout out the fellas at Wacko for lending us some gear for the shoot too!


Anyways, as I said, it was all work for us on this shoot but just before leaving Japan we hit the Onsen up in Hakone!!!

Next up, our Vaca in Bali!!!!


This is the first thing we saw as we got off the plane...I heard of Van Full Pakistans but chickens???

15 16 17 18 19 20

Big Mother Fucking Ups to Uncle Earn who introduced us to the best damn hotel on earth. For real, if you are going to Bali you have to check out

The Katamama hotel, our stay here was nothing short of exquisite. Every thing was considered here. Our room was great, the food was great, the staff was great. They even put us on to a new food, my new favorite fruit; snake fruit. See below 21


Bephie striking a pose out in front of the Katamama


Tupac approves!


Oh shit, I almost forgot the Katamama is connected to a dope beach club too called The Potatoe Head Beach Club. That's it in the back ground. Super dope, love the way they built the walls from old fishing boat shutters. Sick!


Check out your boy getting his "Flower Bath" after a relaxing message. I think I fell a sleep?

26 27

Bali is the land of offerings for sure...everywhere we went we saw people leaving offerings...


...check the thumb in the selfie...


No know what went down!

It hurt real bad to leave the Katamama, I can't tell you how much we enjoyed it there...but we wanted to see more of Bali so on to Ubud we went...


The main mode of transportation out there is Scooter. Families roll on these bad boys 3 and 4 deep....

31 32

The view from the new Telly was pretty dope too..


Breakfast on the terrace by the rice fields was pretty cool. Here we are in chill mode.

The craziest thing we saw out here was little kids driving motor bikes and like 8,9,10 years old just cruising. Peep the kids that roll by us here...


...we couldn't just chill the whole know we had to go to the local waterfalls and see if there was any new/undiscovered Indonesian fashion lines around... 36

Yes, this was really there!

37 38

Hands down my favorite part of the trip was chilling with the Monkey's in the Monkey Forest. The place was pretty ILL. Imagine King Louie's Temple from the Jungle book, come to life...pretty fresh! 39

I have mastered leaving my thumb in every selfie!


Pucker Up!

41 42

Bephie chilling at the with my book. Today was a good day...


Today we went bicycle riding through the rice patties. Super corny but super fun! Kind of just like me...

44 45

Super Corny...Super Fun!


Everywhere you go there is someone wanting to be a creative director. Our guide set up this whole shoot...mad funny! 47

Street meats! All throughout Bali these guys set up shop on their Bikes and go door to door. Takes our LA food trucks to a whole other level. Beat that Roy Choi!!!


..or we could go super Posh at our Hotel, with a candle lit dinner on the terrace... 49

So the Katamama hotel set us up with a Natural Dye workshop from the Threads of Life team that was mad fun. We spent the whole day learning about Natural Dye technique's from harvesting the plant all the way to making our own garments. Here is my Bandana after the first Indigo dip. It's starts out green but then once the oxygen hits it, it turns blue. 50

Here you see the fellas cutting the leaves from the plant used to make the Indigo. 52

Bephie checking out the freshly dyed Indigo threads...


Here Bephie Mixes the Indigo in order to Oxidize it to turn from green to blue..It's quite an exhausting process to get real Natural Dye colors. I now understand the high prices for this type of shit.


Lunch Break!

Well that was our trip. Thanks for letting us share it with you...the last image was our last image. It was a statue of a King with his Monkey army that we saw on our way to the airport...

Pretty Craze!

We out!