The Shit I have to do to make sure yall look fly: Tokyo SS12 Pt.2 AKA GIP STORE


Today I did the rounds and went and checked the new WTAPS store. They have moved to Shibuya and there is kinda of a cool new side of Shibuya forming there. WTAPS, MURO (KING OF DIGGIN), NBHD, HEADPORTER + have all moved to an already cool side of Shibuya. There was also this really cool reggae record shop there called coco-isle music market. They were Jamacia/Trinidad/Hawaii music shop. Sounds weird but dude knew his shit.

Then I met up with Arisa of LUDLOW and the thug, THUGMOKI for some cakes.

I found these really dope shoe laces in all the colors of the rainbow, made especially for dress shoes and boots. We will hopefully have these in the store by next month!!!

I had to get wifey a gift, it seems that in Japan only they offer Junya Watanabe Man Pink. It's a more feminine version of the the men's line. Here is one of the jackets they had.

After a day of shopping we went to this really dope Pizzeria...honestly speaking, it was the best Pizza I have had. It was called Pizzeria Da Isa. I highly recommend this spot if your in Tokyo. Sorry the pics only caught the end...shit didn't last too long!!!

Ended the day by going to an Onsen. I try and go every time I am in's my one little treat to myself for the grind of the trip. We always go to Hokkaido, really dope and afterwards we get Shabu-Shabu cooked right there at the hot's the truth! Eric Elms and my home girl Estelle both came along for the ride...

I think Halloween is a new thing for the Japanese. They seemed really excited they even had the Colonel dressed up...