The Shit I have to do to make sure yall look fly: Tokyo SS12 Pt.2 AKA 49% SOB 51% MTHR FCKR!


Day 2. As I said in the last blog post; the main purpose of this trip was to book my Neighborhood SS12 buy. That means a whole day around finely-tailored -Japanese-motorcyle-inspired clothing/motorcycles and Kostas art. I decided to do a little photo essay of the showroom for yall...

A little sneak peak at next seasons savage denim

Kostas, what up boy!

Charlie Don't Surf!

One of Shin's many bikes...

Another one of Shins many bikes

Fuck you too Mickey!

....yet another one of Shin's many bikes....notice a trend? obsessed much?

After a hard day of work it's time to unwind....went out for a drink with the fellas and while we are at this really dark bar I notice a bottle of Absinth on the counter....I say "is that the real shit....wormwood and all?" Yup! It's legal here in Tokyo

...needless to say that started a week of drinking nothing but will see more on the next blog post.

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