The Shit I have to do to make sure yall look fly: Tokyo SS12 Pt.1 AKA Hanaeda is the shit!


aaaaaahhhhh.....Tokyo Japan land of Banana Vending Machines???!!!

The place where R's and L's are equally interchangable??? ...don't you mean CLEAR wet paper towel?

I was there last week for the Neighborhood exhibition of their SS12 Japan they call it a Tengeki. My usual grueling trip of actually being in the air (26 hours there and back) almost more than I was in Tokyo (my usual stay is only two days), was already made better cause I decided to stay 5 days this time and really get inspired for the new year. I am glad I did cause I saw a lot of good shit that we here at Union will be bring back for you in the next coming months!!!!

***side note: for those that travel to Tokyo from time to time please note, they recently opened up Haneada International Airport which is closer to the city then Narita and way better. They offer Red Eye's from LAX...SICK!!!

Anyway in the next couple blog entries I will try and recap the trip....

First off, in Japan they have these things called "Love Motels". Between considering the fact that most young people live at home for longer and that the country is so densly populated that you can't ever just steal some alone time with your lady....these hotels provide a cultural accepted place for people to get some 1 on 1 time's not as frowned apon as our US's kind of just accepted as a necessity. Any ways, most places you see make sense they are usually called Hotel Amour or something like that and have heart shaped beds...and of coarse you can find the BDSM versions filled with lace and leather...but I saw this new one that was kinda weird??? This one seemed to be themed out to 70's bikers...right down the Schlitz Malt Liquor available on tap. DOn't get it twisted....this ain't no's a Love Motel....go figure???

I landed early and I happened to be out there at the same time as the Supreme design team was doing their before my meetings, the head designer of Supreme; Brendon and I decided to try this skate park out that he had heard of. Right smack dab in the middle of Shibuya...kinda fresh!

The kid behind brendon was Supreme head to toe...there was no way he knew who we were...we were goofing off in there while he was having a serious session....

While Brendon was getting his Alva on.... fat ass didn't do so well...

Either way, a fucking dope way to start the trip!

Tokyo nights...flashing lights!!

I ended day one by taking the crew to an Okinawin spot that my boy Tomoki put me onto...GTHBA (good times had by all).

stay tuned for day two ....