The Shit I go Through to Make Sure Ya'll Look Fly: Carhartt WIP Headquarters (Basel, Switzerland)

Art, Chris Gibbs Diary
This past summer, I decided to go Visit The Carhartt WIP headquarters in Basel. I took the train from Paris and made my first trip to Switzerland. From what I could tell, I was the only non-banker on the train...I just turned up the music in my headphones to an obnoxious level and kept it moving... My first stop was at the warehouse. Here I am standing next to the manager of the warehouse, he is about to take me on the tour. Super cool guy! Carhartt seems to run their business like a family business and everyone there was super cool. HOLY SHIT! was my first reaction when I say the sheer size of the place. It was more like a fucking compound than a clothing warehouse. The picture below is just the first room!! This is jackets only.... The had these HUGE halls, with row after row, column after column of orange bins filled with product. Everything was automated and all connected by these conveyer belts that snaked throughout the whole warehouse. Super impressive! They had cool little collections of things like vintage Carhartt signs... stacks upon stacks of their brand books... They had a room full of valuable art that they have collected over the years...pretty fucking cool! Next stop, I saw their photo studio. Pretty impressive rig. Much better than me holding a flashlight up against our white walls at the office...that's for sure. Next up the design studio. My man from Hamsterdamn...well Italy really but that doesn't rhyme. My boy Nooooooooorrrrrriiiii! What up player. He and his brother are two of my favorite Italians on the planet. Whenever I am in Italy they have always treated me like a king. What up, Rashids!!! Kostas's art work was well represented all throughout the office. Dope! I finally got to meet my account rep. I thought she was gonna kill me cause we always owe her money...but she was super sweet. Hi Emily!!!! I got the Royal treatment from Carhartt WIP, I even had a driver. Thanks Naim! Grumpy ass Arnaud showed me the top secret wing of the compound. They had a dance floor, a bar, a cafeteria and they even had a mock store for training. Shit was real! Who you lookin at?! I guess they eat Pasta everyday for lunch. Here in the kitchen I found their stash of what I was told to be the best pasta in the world? After a morning of loitering around the warehouse...I guess they had work to do so they kicked me out. With time to kill I found this dope architectural playground. I stumbled apon the Vitra Haus which was built by the famous Baselian, (is that what people from Basel are called?) Architects Herzog & de Meuron. Those are the same guys that built the Olympic "Birds Nest" in Beijing. Really fresh spot, I could have stayed there all day and I only got to see one of the buildings there. Here is my tour of the Vitrahaus: Inside, kind of like Ikea...but on crack...they set up each room with all the goods that they were selling...nice view, huh? Cool ass wallpaper... I really liked this porcelain's probably mad famous and I am too ignorant to know and too lazy to find out... still pretty dope! You could pretty much custom order anything you wanted. Pick a chair, pick a color, pick a fabric...whatevs... My favorite room...I really liked the wallpaper in here too. It was like some kind of garden. All in all I guess it was a fun trip...the shit I have to do to make ya'll look fly. Anyways...check our site for the latest delivery of European Carhartt, we have some really nice stuff in this season.