The Shit I Do To Make Yall "Think" Fly: Special Manifest Justice Edition

Chris Gibbs Diary
Words & thoughts from Chris Gibbs

So about two months ago, I am sitting in my office, minding my own business when I get a call from a friend asking me to help him with an event he is putting together. He describes the event as this huge art show that is promoting social justice. He tells me that he wants me to do what I do and run the gift shop. I knew it was gonna be a ton of work but with all the happenings in the news these days with people getting killed by police and all the other social injustices that I have been seeing...I really wanted to get involved and I guess it's rare to be able to do so from a fashion stand point, so I jumped at the chance.

...well the day is here, the show has launched and I can say I am honored to be involved and humbled to have been asked to participate. Here are some highlights of the show...but for anyone who lives in LA I highly recommend that you come see the show in person. It's extremely moving. For more details check here.

IMG_8564 Here is my little tour of my favorite pieces. The first stop is a jail cell/classroom set up by the people at #dothemath. Here they highlight where are tax money goes. As you can other way to say it...shit is fucked up. 62k a year goes to jail inmates and 10k a year goes to educate our students. Shouldn't these numbers be inverted? We would have a highly educated people and not need all these prisons..


This is how I feel when I think about the injustices...


As a part of contribution to this show in my own way. I teamed up with some friends to make some special Union colab tee. Here I am rocking the OG PNB 3 names tee...this was made back in the 90's....nothins changed... You will have to pardon my shameless promotion here but I don't care cause all the proceeds are going to charity. So I want to let yall know these are for sale at the store. Please go here for more details:

One of my favorite pieces in the show was this pencil drawing here by Joel Daniel Phillips to my left.


To my right one of my other favorites by Yolanda Guerrea. A little Jewel of knowledge on this one... I am sure you are familiar with the practice that the US army has of giving a flag folded up into a triangle to the family of a soldier who has died in battle. Well Yolanda's piece juxtaposes this for our young brothers who are shot by police and has imagined the family of the deceased getting a hoody folded in a triangle....

The OG PNB tee is available here


They got a real/live Ferguson cop car here that you can throw tomatoes at if you want? I think it's better as a garden than a police cruiser...

In this picture, I am repping the Too Black Guys X Union T-Shirt.



...not quite suffering from success...rather a cardboard depiction of a shamed lady liberty.

Here I am rocking our GRQ$ x Union Tee.



damn yo...sad to say that I drink too much Coke...this kind of scared me straight.



Joseph Delappe Hands Up stamps...available at the Manifest Justice Gift Shop here.


So as I was mentioning before...UNION curated and is running the gift shop here. And for those who can't make it to the space, check it out online: Manifest Justice