Chris Gibbs Diary, Uncategorized
Got back from Tokyo almost two weeks ago, but shit's been hectic (the working man is a sucker) and I finally found time to heeeeere we go! Took a 4 day trip to Tokyo to check the new NBHD collection, Rep for the NOAHNY Tokyo opening and...well give a Tokyo tour to my boy Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God who hadn't been to Tokyo before... DAY 1 1 - 2 ...we took the Red Eye and hit the ground running...had some fabric development meetings...jet lag started to set in, so we found the OG La juice spot "Beverly Hills Juice Club" in Tokyo...(can't take the jungle out the cat). Next up we hit a couple of my favorite stores in Japan...just to give Jerry a taste of how they do shit out here. 1 - 7 First stop, the Undercover store. A perennial favorite of mine. I love the decor here and there is always fun shit to see... 1 - 8 1 - 9 Next stop, Chrome Hearts. Ok, I know what your thinking...Chrome Hearts and Chris Gibbs aren't two things you would typically see together. ...and your right, I def. don't need any GOT ornate type body armor in my life...that said the store build out and concept is the best I have seen in the world!!! 1 - 6 Next up we went and checked our boy Virgil's can really start to see the jet lag hitting us... Next up we are headed to the NOAH NY opening and randomly saw some lowrider's in Shibuya on the way there? Craze! 1 - 11 Look who greets us at the NOAH store opening. Hi Sailor!!! 1 - 1 Our boy Sati and his poodle (can't remember the dog's name...sorry)...repping for NOAH!!! 1 - 10 Ok. I didn't get a pic of B that night...but here is a photo of us the next day...hugging it up. Congrats, yo! 1 - 3 Jay Z said it best...after the party, there's the after party. @OAK 1 poppin bottles...FUCK IT!!! Views from the 8 (i think Drake calls Toronto the 6 cause of the area code 613? Maybe I'm wrong. not worth researching I am just gonna stick with since the country code for Tokyo is do the math....) it was a long fucking day...damn! The Shit I Do To Make Yall Look's a tough life... Gotta Zen out a bit with a peaceful view from the Telly window. Good Night. DAY 2 ok, we went back to Noah shop just to see it in the day with out all of the drama from the party... on our way there we interrupted a weird parade of Japanese dudes in Kimono's and underwear? ODD. But we eventually made it to the store and were greeted by the friendly (melanated) Noah staff... 1 - 4 Spent the full day running with this Motley Crew. Berto and Atiba from Bravo...holler...had one of the best fucking days ever just talking shit and running around fun!!! I'd like to Add Berto's caption in here..."I'm the blackest dude here"! ...maybe so Berto...maybe so... 1 - 5 Then we went to a neighborhood called Koenji to do some vintage shopping...found this old relic out there!!! (I mean the sweatshirt). 1 - 12 After that Jerry had a meet and greet at the store Gr8. Ran in to our boy Poggy The Man!!!! ...see your boy Shawn Yates in the back having a ball!!!! 1 - 22 Peace to the Gods.... Thanks for hosting a fun night Kubo! After that we hit up the Onsen in Hakone....My favorite thing to do in Japan!!!! On our way there...(Thanks to Tomoki and Arisa)...we passed a "Monkey Crossing" sign. (it's kind of hard to see...but it's there) DAY 3 1 - 18 Last day in Tokyo...had a little more work to do. Popped by the NBHD showroom with Shawn Yates to see the SS18 collecition. Peace the the NBHD crew!!! 1 - 23 ...every time I come here this guy flips me the bird....FUCK YOU! 1 - 14 Always good to see Shin. He showed me his secret project that he has been working on. He has the illest succulents collection in Tokyo; I'm talking high grade cacti imported from all over the world and shit. He calls it the Specimen Research Lab. SRL. So dope. 1 - 17 1 - 16 ...these two are super rare African know...had to rep for my people. 1 - 20 Finally done...Jerry, Shawn and I had to do some last minute shopping for the kids...Thanks for everything thugs!!! By Tokyo...see you next time. PEACE