The Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly: Tokyo 22 (Tokyo is almost open, post Pandemic)

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Well… It's been over 3 years since I have been back to Japan, as it’s largely been closed off for travel due to the pandemic. Recently they opened up for business travel only (there is a bit of a process to get a Visa, so don’t go trying to just buy a flight tomorrow playboy…)
… Anyways last week the crew set off to Japan to check in on our Tokyo Store. Thought it would be a good time for another “This Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly” edition.
Kind of weird… Since Japan is only open for foreigners under special conditions… The airport is kind of empty… Felt really weird.
Well… That’s it for another edition of “The Shit I Do To Make Y’all Look Fly”. It’s hard work but somebody’s got to do it…
Till next time.
One Love