The Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly: Summer16 tour pt. 2 (ADAM)

Chris Gibbs Diary
...this is part 2 so if you want to start from the beginning...go back here first and do this shit in order mother fucker! Ok, so I had a couple days to kill after Italy and before Paris, so I thought I'd go visit one of my favorite families in the whole wide world up in Amsterdam (ADAM). So I easyjetted my ass up there (remember the pic of me waiting in an airport for a day from part 1)...this is the flight I was waiting on.... img_4892 Ok, for those that don't rains a lot in ADAM so I started my trip off at MuseumPlein, basically a whole subdivision of dope ass museums. First Museum I went to was the Stedelijk Museum, which is a museum in the shape of a giant bathtub but it's pretty dope... ...there was a really dope exhibit by a crew I never heard of called Bernadette Corporation, I didn't get a picture (wah, wah), but they had a really dope stream of fashion video's from NYC from the late 90's and early aughts. img_4823 Here are some other of my favorites from my Museum walk... img_4840 img_4875 img_4878 ...selfie on the escalator img_4888 img_4797 img_4805 img_4806 img_4813 img_4816 img_4794 img_4795 Got a call from my home girl Anoma who took me to a dope Helmut Newton retrospective. So I biked my ass over in the pouring rain (oh yeah, in Amsterdam that's how heads get around, for really, yo. Like everyone rides bikes, everywhere!!!)... Thanks Anoma!!! img_4897 img_4907 I really liked how they had this show set up. Each room was color was a fresh take on the usual white walls that Museums rock... img_4903 img_4905 After checking the Museum, we linked up with Damian and Greg and this swanky ass hotel for some dranks. FYI Damian and Anoma are who I came out here to visit and who hosted me. They are the dopest couple ever!!! I selfishly wish they didn't move so far away. That said, they made me fall in love with Amsterdam. Miss you guys!!! img_4911 This is there dog. He keeps it real! img_4784 Shout out to Daily Paper. Young kids in ADAM doing there thing!!! And extra duty tough work shout out to "G" from Patta who introduced me to the bomb as food from his native land Suriname. The food was like a perfect blend of West Indian and the very best way... OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oh yeah, I totally forgot that ADAM is the home of Heineken. I had some crazy dope experimental/draft Heineken while I was out there...kinda fresh... img_4785 Had a great time in ADAM...check back in a couple to see part 3 (PARIS).