The Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly: Summer16 tour pt. 1 (Firenze)

Chris Gibbs Diary
It's been a long time, I shouldna left you...times up, sorry I kept you... It's time for a long overdue TSID.A little recap on how my summer started. I started off in Italy, for the Pitti Uomo show in Firenze. We don't often shop this show but Pitti invited me out to share the Visvim, Raf and Gosha presentations. That meant my usual Euro tour had to start a whole week earlier...(sigh) ...the shit I do for yall to look fly... First up to deck was the Visvim show and I ran into an old friend (Pardon the pun). My boy Greg was there repping his own blend of Supreme, Goro's, Visvim and RTH in only the way he can. IMG_4652 Waiting for the Visvim the fucking heat wearing our Jackets... (luckily they had my size...big boy!!!!). IMG_4647 The Visvim show was really fun. They had a whole 30's motif, right down to the old timey swing dancers....very reminiscent of musicals which is funny cause I watched Hail Cesar on flight over. I am a huge Cohen Brothers fan but thus one was off...but I digress... OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ran into your boy Jerry Lorenzo after the show, kicking it with Italy's best shoe maker!!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Candid shot of the couple of the hour after the show...
After the Vis show Greg and I went to my favorite little lunch spot in Firenze. I highly recommend the pear and cheese tortellini.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After lunch Greg and I went to Pitti, We had a whole scenario made up in our head about how we were going to turn Peacock row upside down. We imagined Greg rolling up in this outfit and all the suits just losing their mind...over lunch we talked about how a lot of these guys lives probably revolved around this one week per season. We imagined what they're day jobs were and shit...I suspected one guy worked overtime at Miki D's all year round just get his fit right...ahh to dream in Firenze... OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Met up with my boy Omar, one of the first people I ever met in Firenze almost 16 years ago when I was coming out here to Visit my boy Luke (OAMC) when he went to school out here. He is still the mayor! Omar took me to an OG restaurant for dinner...It was so OG that A, I can't tell you the name and B, I took this shot of the grandma cooking in the kitchen. Fuck I love Italy!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Started off the next day on some tourist shit. Saw the sights, did the do.... Always got to check the Ponte Vecchio IMG_4556 Next up I went to my favorite smellgoods apothecary...Santa Maria was good to see they were repping for my peoples with the art on the ceiling...Black People...ho! IMG_4673 Karl Lagerfeld did an incredible exhibit called Visions of Fashion. He basically took over the Gallerie degli Uffizi and put photo's of his next to the masters, it was actually super dope!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4557 Dinner Time! Chilled with these guys at an amazing restaurant set in the hills just outside of Firenze. Great food, even better people, thanks for letting me tag along guys! Super romantic (pause). IMG_4632 Lots of meat (pause)... IMG_4631 IMG_4634 Last show of the week. RAF. It was pretty fresh. They got an old train terminal garage and turned it into like an OG rave looking vibe..they then adorned the garage with archival Raf pieces...on eery looking manikins. IMG_4676 IMG_4679IMG_4697 IMG_4746 This is my "waiting at the fucking Firenze airport all day, fuck you Italy face"! IMG_4770 What's even worse the screen looked like this for 8 never changed...see that London flight that is clearly not canceled? I am on that one, so I sat here like an idiot all day waiting...would have been much better if they just told me it was canceled from the jump. Agh!!! This shit I do to make yall look fly!!!! IMG_4769 Well..that was the first leg of the trip...stay tuned for the Amsterdam leg next....the shit I do to make ya'll look fly....